Time for grassroots action

My blog has been on hiatus, and that will continue because I am directing my energies elsewhere — in my community. You can do the same in yours.

I’ve discovered that many well-meaning individuals do not understand the full impact of human activity on the climate, and I have decided that my skills are best used in sharing what I know with my congregation and community or in writing books and articles that reach beyond the science-savvy readers of these pages.

I’m organizing a showing of An Inconvenient Truth in my congregation, to be followed by a panel that discusses what we can do practically and where religious values and teaching enters into the equation. Our congregation is moderate to liberal in its inclinations and is very aware of societal issues, yet many of its members are uninformed.

I can make a difference there as well as in my writing for children and in my book reviewing. If you want to keep up with my reviews click here, and follow the link to subscribe.

I may come back to serious blogging, but for now, my efforts are devoted to other things.

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