Enjoy a trip into science history: Rivet Spectacles

This is a well-deserved boost to my high school classmate and retired eye-surgeon David Fleishman, who has created the premier website for the collection of images and study of antique spectacles.

Read on for details of his latest exhibit: Rivet Spectacles dating back to the end of the 13th century.

Rivet Spectacles: the world’s earliest type of eyeglasses–finally at long last

Following their introduction at the end of the 13th century, the first simple eyeglasses were then used into the early 16th century. Their personal story, along with information and images of every known example (mostly fragments), has never before been assembled and explained to an interested public. Five years of international collaborative research has finally resulted in Rivet Spectacles–the Earliest Style

Enjoy this newest webpage with nearly three hundred images in all. Many educators and institutions worldwide are acknowledged for their remarkable contributions and kind assistance.

For other recent additions to www.antiquespectacles.com check out the following:

1) The Edward Scarlett Trade Card. Here is another significant page because this discovery has changed a key date in history. The invention of hinged sidearms for glasses is moved back potentially about 15 years.

2) Baleen Spectacles

3) Objects Made of Horn

4) Optisches Museum Jena

Be sure to watch for “Early Telescopes and their Development,” probably by the end of 2008. Many other major topics will be added over the next 3-5 years. Our ongoing research project and this resulting unique educational website (more than 260 webpages with over 4600 images already) is starting to have a major impact worldwide in numerous circles of influence. Thank you for your interest and wonderful support.

Dr. David Fleishman
Retired ophthalmologist
Boston, MA

Proud to be an old friend,
Fred Bortz,
Children’s Science Writer
Reviewer of Science Books for adults

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