Changes at Air Quality Matters blog explained

If you’ve read the “Air Quality Matters” blog for a long-enough time, you have no doubt noticed some or all of the changes. Site evolution and improvement has been ongoing. It may not have all the bells and whistles that many other sites have, but I believe it has exactly the right mix of user-friendly content that encourages revisits by existing readers and first visits by new ones.

Multiple looks

The display of the page may present differently depending on the viewing device used.

And there are three distinct views: the standard, the reader and something called “amp.” Though the amp view doesn’t show comments, it does, however, provide for leaving as well as viewing them.

The layout

The “Air Quality Matters” blog site is comparatively easy to navigate through. That attribute I hope many find appealing.

A more recent addition is the footer lowermost footer situated at page bottom. The uppermost of the two contains the words: “All material (copyright symbol) 2021.” In the lowermost footer appears the words: “Do Not Sell My Personal Information.” And, off to the left edge of the screen situated between upper and lower footer is the image of a little smiley face.

As for the header at site top, it, naturally, reads: “Air Quality Matters” with the accompanying “Discourse for all interested in all things air-quality related” subtext below that, both superimposed on a stylized so-called “air-burst” image.

And positioned beneath the header on a black background is the “Menu” tab with accompanying three-parallel-bar, horizontally oriented icon.

Moreover, making a regular appearance are advertisements.

User-friendly fields

In the standard view one will find a search box, a provision for subscribing, and a provision for making both archive and category selections.

In the case of categories 15 are listed. These are:

Air conditioning
Air pollution
Climate disruption
Energy conservation
Energy production
Fossil fuels
Health impacts
High-speed rail
Renewable energy resources
Smart Growth

Also, there is the Uncategorized option. Upon that category being selected, only 1 listing appears: “Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is all about ‘community’.”

Meanwhile, below the main text-body area is the “Leave a Comment” provision with two checkboxes situated below the box provided for comment text, one having to do with being notified by email of follow-up comments, the other expressly reading: “Notify me of new posts by email.”

Rounding out the site are the “Top Posts & Pages” and “Latest from Science Blog” sections.

Happy reading!

– Alan Kandel

All material copyright 2021.

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