Fish Oil Reduces Triglycerides in HIV Positive

Antiretrovirus drugs, which are drugs taken to fight retroviruses such as HIV, apparently raise triglyceride levels in the blood. However, A new study presented Wendesday at the Twelfth Annual Retrovirus Conference in Boston revealed that fish oil reduced and normalized triglycerice levels in those that took it:

After eight weeks of treatment, the 58 patients randomised to receive [fish oil] had experienced a median 26% reduction in triglyceride levels, compared to a 1% increase in the placebo group (p = 0.003). Triglyceride levels normalised in 22% of [fish oil] recipients, but in only 7% of the placebo group (p = 0.012). The reduction in triglyceride levels was sustained during the open label treatment period among those originally randomised to [fish oil], whilst median levels fell by 21% during this phase among those who originally received placebo.

Great news for those that are HIV positive! Click the following link for the full article: Fish Oil Reduces Triglycerides in HIV Positive

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