Campus Vienna Biocenter – Development of a Quick Detection Method for Complex Immune Analytes

An analysis method permitting the simultaneous quantification of numerous
parameters in the immune system was recently presented at the Campus Vienna
Biocenter. The technology, which has been developed by Bender MedSystems, is
based upon the principle of a widespread analysis device and thus allows for
rapid implementation in daily laboratory life. It thus succeeds in
satisfying the growing demand at clinical and pharmaceutical organisations
for increasingly efficient analysis methods at favourable costs.

The simultaneous determination of a high amount of different parameters in
body fluids currently represents an important challenge in diagnosis.

Located at the Campus Vienna Biocenter, Bender MedSystems GmbH now meets
this challenge with an efficient solution in the form of FlowCytomix
technology, which permits simultaneous detection of up to ten analytes with
a technology implemented in everyday laboratory life: the automatic sorting
of fluorescence labelled cells. Individual cells are detected and
differentiated on the basis of their size and fluorescence intensity by
means of this technology, which is known as Flow Cytometry.

This new FlowCytomix product does not measure cells, however: it assesses
the synthetic, fluorescent microspheres that have been coated with specific
antibodies and added to the sample. These bind substances in body fluids,
which can then be identified. Each of the maximum ten types of microspheres
only carries antibodies for a single specific substance. After the
separation of microspheres, the bound antibodies can be detected via a
specific antibody or two-step reaction. The automatic analysis of the
substance size and the dye intensity thus allow for the identification and
quantification of the bound substance.

The Vice-President of R&D at Bender MedSystems, Dr. Irene
Rech-Weichselbraun, comments on the practical significance of this method:
“One of its uses is the measurement of multiple cytokines, which determines
the individual’s immune status. Cardiovascular marker proteins can also be
measured efficiently and the risk of cardiovascular diseases can thus be

The intensive research environment at the Campus Vienna Biocenter offered
significant support in the development of this detection method by Bender
MedSystems. Close contact with researchers from academic and commercial
research institutions has already allowed this technology to be ideally
optimised for routine applications during its development, and the result
has been a reduction in analysis time and work expenditure as well as lower
sample amounts. The detection sensitivity and results are comparable with
classic ELISAs, while the dynamic measuring scope was actually extended

About Bender MedSystems GmbH (August 2005):
The company deals with the development, production and worldwide
distribution of biomedical research reagents and diagnostics. The range of
products includes over 500 individual biomedical products such as monoclonal
antibodies, enzyme immunoassays (ELISA), fluorescent bead immunoassays as
well as the technology developed and patented by Bender MedSystems, Instant
ELISATM and recombinant proteins, cytokines and receptors. The average
annual growth of Bender MedSystems is clearly above that of the biomedical
research market at 25%. The majority of turnover is generated outside
Austria; exports amounting to 93%. The products are directly distributed in
Austria, Germany and the USA, while the distribution of products in other
countries is carried out by local distribution partners.

About the Campus Vienna Biocenter (August 2005):
The Campus Vienna Biocenter is one of the largest R&D clusters in Austria
with approx. 1,000 scientists from 40 nations at 16 organisations. Academic
departments (University of Vienna, Medical University of Vienna, subsumed in
the Max F. Perutz Laboratories), private research institutes (IMP –
Institute of Molecular Pathology) and institutes of the Austrian Academy of
Sciences (IMBA – Institute of Molecular Biotechnology and GMI – Gregor
Mendel-Institute) are also located here along with commercial R&D companies,
service companies and training course centres (

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E-mail: [email protected]

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Vienna, 23rd August 2005

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