Beyond Dover: What’s Next for Anti-Evolutionists

Even without waiting for the judge’s verdict in the Dover School Board case, it’s fairly easy to see that this apparent victory has come too easily. In a new article in Seed Magazine, Chris Mooney describes how the anti-evolutionists abandoned Dover as a lost cause and redirected their efforts to Kansas, where the words “Intelligent Design” may not even be mentioned in the new anti-evolutionist approach to undermining the teaching of Darwinian Evolution, the central theory of modern biological science.

It’s much too soon to celebrate this victory. Just watch the dancing and sidestepping of slick-Rick Santorum, my state’s Senator Sanctimony, who once enthusiastically supported the Dover School Board and has now decided that perhaps the teaching of Intelligent Design belongs in comparative religion classes, not science.

Could that have anything to do with the latest polls putting him 16% or so behind his presumed Democratic opponent, Robert Casey, Jr.? NAA–AA-AH!

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