Treating the aging knee as an organ

DETROIT — The human body is made up of several organs composed of tissues that enable them to perform a particular function. The heart circulates blood; the brain is the micro-neuro center of the body; the lungs bring in oxygen and release carbo…

Voice-saver: Light therapy for early-stage laryngeal cancer

DETROIT — Light, or photodynamic, therapy can help preserve the voice and vocal cord function for patients with early stage laryngeal (voice box) cancer, according to a study from Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.
“Photodynamic therapy is an effec…

Novel surgery removes rare tumor, rebuilds trachea

DETROIT — Using a novel surgical approach, it’s possible to rebuild the trachea and preserve a patient’s voice after removing an invasive throat tumor, according to a new report from Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.
This case study is the first o…

Race may influence uterine cancer recurrence, despite treatment

DETROIT — African Americans are more likely to have a recurrence of uterine cancer despite undergoing a total hysterectomy or a hysterectomy followed by radiation therapy, according to researchers at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.
“The African …

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