Tiny particles may pose big DNA risk

Tiny particles may pose big DNA risk

Some nanoparticles commonly added to consumer products can significantly damage DNA. Thousands of consumer products — including cosmetics, sunscreens, and clothing — contain nanoparticles added … Read more

U.S. hospital admission rates linked with high readmissions

High hospital readmission rates in different regions of the U.S. may have more to do with the overall high use of hospital services in those regions than with the severity of patients’ particular conditions or problems in the quality of care during and…

Exercise may lower risk of death for men with prostate cancer

Boston, MA — A new study of men with prostate cancer finds that physical activity is associated with a lower risk of overall mortality and of death due to prostate cancer. The Harvard School of Public Health and University of California, San Franc…

Prospective voters and the new health care law

Boston, MA — A comprehensive review of national opinion polls, including newly released data, shows that those who say they intend to vote for a Democratic congressional candidate in 2010 and those who say they intend to vote for a Republican in t…

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