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Putting trees on farms fundamental to future agricultural development

Nairobi, Kenya (9 February 2011) Trees growing on farms will be essential to future development. As the number of trees in forests is declining every year, the number of trees on farms is increasing. Marking the launch of the International Year ...

Technique allows researchers to identify key maize genes for increased yield

ITHACA, N.Y. -- Scientists have identified the genes related to leaf angle in corn (maize) -- a key trait for planting crops closer together, which has led to an eight-fold increase in yield since the early 1900s. (Nature Genetics, Jan. 9, 2011.)...

Infant foods should be screened for mycotoxins

ANTWERP -- An international team of scientists calls for protecting complementary food for infants in developing countries -- especially those where corn is a staple food -- against fumonisin, a toxin produced by fungi. Until now, physicians thou...

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