More religion means fewer drugs in adolescents

When adolescents perceive religion as important in their lives, it may lower rates of cigarette smoking, heavy drinking and marijuana use, according to a study that tracked urban adolescents from middle school through high school. The researchers from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine found that the perceived importance of religion was particularly important for teens who were facing a lot of life stressors. These findings are reported in the March issue of Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, published by the American Psychological Association (APA).

Men more dependent on exercise than women

Women may worry more about their weight, but it’s men who are more likely to become hooked on exercise, a study shows. College dudes are more likely to exercise to excess — and get tense and irritable if they were deprived of their workouts. The research among 408 university students also found that men who worked out for the benefit of feeling better physically and mentally — rather than to look better or improve their performance — were more likely to become dependent on the need to exercise excessively.