You Say You Want an Evolution?

In advance of tomorrow’s Revelatory calendar flip to 6-6-6, it may be reassuring for many people to learn that about half of Americans believe God created humans “pretty much in their present form at one time within the last 10,000 years or so.”

Only 13 percent believe that man evolved from earlier life forms without any help over millions of years. The rest, according to The Gallup Poll, believe that while evolution did occur, it was guided by a supreme being. Not surprisingly, belief in God as Creator of fully formed man correlates inversely with level of education, according to Gallup.

Contrast fundamental belief with the marvelously explanatory story today by Rick Weiss in the Washington Post about how bacteria constitute about 90 percent of all the cells in our bodies and may be more important to keeping us healthy and alive than the human cells we inherited.

The evidence, of course, is strongest for the evolution scenario. But given the fact we are still alive and doubting, maybe God is, indeed, in those 100 trillion microbial details.

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3 thoughts on “You Say You Want an Evolution?”

  1. Ira,

    Very interesting. If any organization has the authority to understand how to collect and manipulate descritpive data as it relates to [human nature and behavior], The Gallup Organization definetly wins the trophy. What intrigued me about your analysis, was not the focus on 6 6 6 (which of course, is a subject which commands attention), but the statistical breakdown of the Gallup Poll. Which makes me wonder: Who is actually being consdired to partake in this wonderful survey?

    According to the US Census Population Clock, there are approximately 298,906,705 residents. Half of this population represents 149 million. I find it extremely intriguing this number may actually represent those individuals who actually believe God created humans. I am certain in Gallup’s poll on this matter, that there were several caveats to consider during the design of this survey instrument. Wherein, data mining and validation process were considered. For example, ethniticity, religous affiliation, views on abortion etc. How much weight were these response given in this survey,(if these types of questions were considered at all).

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