Green Environment cures all diseases

Green parks and Green gardens not only provide sceneries but also mind and body health. Viewing green trees provide positive impression. When we see green plants brain generates alpha rays which responsible for calm emotions. As a result we experience happiness.

When we sit in a park for five minutes blood pressure, heart, muscle, brain stress is reduced. Concentration, which is reduced, will be improved (Attention deficient disorder), if small girls sit in a park for few minutes. Children who study in schools, which have greenary, are less prone to homesickness (home sickness is seen mostly in L.K.G and U.K.G children). People who got operated, when exposed to green environment recover Easily, as a result low dose painkillers are given. Unhealthiness, Living far from home, different exams, coming nearer to operation time, pains after operation all these factors result in stress. Nurses working in those atmosphere very busily and patients relatives also has the influence of stress. If hospitals have green environment, patients, hospital officials, relatives observe slight relief from mental stress.
Patients who are not exposed to green environment, but are limited only to rooms, require more painkillers. Patients who are exposed to nature, green environment through windows pains, vomiting such problems are very less. So one has develop green parks in hospitals and patients should have exposure to green parks. Hospitals should be planned and built in so that every one in the hospital rooms should have exposure to green environment.

Living nearer to Green Environment is very good

Elders who live nearer to parks are good when compared to others. Those who are physically active and who go the parks every day are good in health when compare to others. Walking of roads, which have plants on both sides, is very beneficial. Those who are exposed to green parks have more beneficial effects (less mental stress) when compared with cities, which has heavy population.

Influence of green plants on man’s health, answer to various principles is biophilia principle. Naturally biological species has strong relationships with nature. As a result when he sees and enjoys nature he is relieved from all pains. During ancient days people used to depend on nature. They believed that where water and plants there life will be safe and they settled there. This deep analysis nature has reached our genes. So when ever we are exposed to green environment we experience happiness and found relieved from mental stress.

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