Is your industry a threat to Humanity?

Preventive measures to control various types of Pollution.

Environmental pollution is one of the major problems faced by the world today. Let us all strive to keep the air clean and pure to make the world better place.

Measures to control pollution in Power Industry
· Installation of tall towers to minimize impact on flora and fauna in ecologically sensitive areas.
· Compensatory afforestation and massive plantation in all installation sites.
· Rainwater collection and harvesting.
· Preference to use barren or waste land in all installation sites.

Measures to control pollution in Hydel power Industry
· Catchment area and reservoir rim treatments are aimed at increasing the life of reservoirs.
· Using green belts that act as reservoirs
· Purifying the ambient air forms to breathe.
· Restoration of quarry sites and landscaping

Measures to control pollution in Hotel Industry
· Biodegradable waste should be recycled.
· Planting massive gardens and greenery.
· Using natural gas as bio-fuel, which nullifies Air pollution.

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