Improvements to IC Engine

Can a electric power be combined to petrol or diesel driven IC engines? After all electric power – is ultimately means some kind of magnetic field driven power source. That brings me to to the idea of aiding the iC engine during compression stage by using electromagnets. If permananet magnets are used – during other stages they may also act as drags.

Hence by using powerful electromagnets energised during compression stage- power of IC engine may be improved to some extent further improving efficiency, speed, acceleration etc.

It can be applied to 2 ,3 or 4 wheelers or even for aeroengines.

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2 thoughts on “Improvements to IC Engine”

  1. One way my thought process started with hybrid powered engines. I am not aware of design of hybrid powered engines- whether they have IC engine and separate electric motor- then mechanically coupled together.

    Take for instance starting a car- where a separate cranking motor is used. The cranking motor goes out of action thereafter- as it also draws heavy current during starting. It will burn out, if powered for a long time.

    So if electromagnets are used during compression as i have suggested – it increases power output, as well as aids in cranking when engine is still not running. May be teh cranking motor can be doen away with. So springs being passive will not help in this case.

  2. I don’t think this can help – after all, springs would do this as well, and the whole idea of the internal combustion engine is that one cylinder drives the next – no added push at the end of a stroke is necessary.

    However, it does bring me an idea – perhaps one already in use – that’s the converse. Rather than “aiding the iC engine during compression stage”; could we take the concept of the Hybrid car right into the engine, by briefly capturing and withdrawing some of the excess power in between compressions to smooth the car’s power production and store that as electrical energy for use later? A bonus might be that smoother power production would be quieter, produce less vibration, and impose less wear on moving parts of the car.

    Of course, springs or magnets might do just this, smoothing out power production, and since I’m not an engine designer, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is already being done. One cylinder engines have to work with springs, but working in reverse. Perhaps turning the (variable or tuned) springs around whether those springs are magnetic or otherwise, might dampen vibration. Maybe this is already being done. Otherwise, anyone wanna buy a patent?

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