Morgellons “Fiber” Disease

Jan 3, 2007

To Whom it May Concern:

Seeking Representation – Class Action Suit, Medical Malpractice, Scientific and Government Involvement

The following are excerpts from TamTam, a poster on BiologyOnline…human biology, fiber disease. He seems to be the only one who has some scientific evidence as to what this disease consists of. I am following up with a couple other relevant links. This is Chimera, biosynthetic, and HORRIBLE!

“This target was intended for as well medical, industrial as military spin off.
The fact that an unprecedented number of people will turn out positive for this element – or one of its reciprocal acting diversification(s)- will make it the first gm pandemic in history. People that have become symptomatic represent only a minority. Algae bloom once in spring and once more late in august. This property seems partially preserved. Next to this the target is (made) cyclical. The most important fact (isolation and identification) has been established.
In my opinion you need an alternative and autonomous source to do the screening; but remember (partial or whole) screening will not automatically yield a clue about what could prove to be an effective therapeutic approach.
The scientific establishment will never report to the public about the provenance of this modified agent and about to what this type infection all may relate to.
Unite, create a legal base and seek litigation! “ (His advice)

For more information please go to the following links and pay attention…it could affect you as an individual citizen!!
See www.rense.com, refer to Morgellons database, listen to #6 audio w/Dr. Stanigar and Dr. Karjoo and their independent findings….also see a video done by TamTam at
www.silentsuperbug.com. There are numerous other sites to google. This is on 6 continents and just as chemtrails have been sequestered from the public, this horrid disease has been as well. They believe that these codeons can trigger cells to do many things, including die. We have begged CDC to investigate..they say yes but are stalling….for what, a Bird Flu Pandemic? We are a mixed group registered at least 7000 just on one site. We are trying to disseminate what TamTam is saying to identify, as well as FIND A DAMN GOOD LAWYER willing to help us form a Class Action Suit….he/she must be BRILLIANT!; and is not afraid of GM Industry, Cloning Industry, and who knows who else. If you can help, God bless you and sign in on BiologyOnline, human biology forum, “The Fiber Disease.” This will affect ALL of us..Thank you so much for your time in reading this, and the graveness of it’s nature.


Maggie mae

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