Im hearing Voices

I have been hearing voices but i’m not mentally ill i think one has done something to me but i dont remember who. I hear male voices and females and everyday they sit and have a big debate about my face. Im glad that i’ve found this site because now i know that other people are experiencing the same thing that im experiencing. It all started from the first day that i move on to a hall at my college.It was September 2006 there is this one voice who claims that she knows everything about me.I have been dealing with this for two years and frankly Im exhausted i feel as if i can’t go on anymore. Because i have trouble studying it seems the voices get louder at this particular period, i cant sleep at nights my life is a mess . So if anyone as any solutions on how to make this stop please reply.

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  1. I to am hearing voices they are from what they call themselves c.I.d be honest they are mostly filthy mouthed sluts that have nothing better to do than talk about my are hole or my dick (chucky) and that’s just the male voices just laugh them off they are usually of low intelligence.hope this helps


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