Evident Technologies Granted US Patent for Optical Switch based on Quantum Dots

Evident Technologies, Inc. announced today that it has been issued United States Patent Number 6,571,028 for an all optical switch or optical transistor. The optical transistor is based upon a saturable absorber or switch using the company?s EviDots semiconductor nanocrystal quantum dot technologies. The optical switch has the potential to switch at speeds up to thousands of times faster than current generation optical switching.

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New plastic holds promise for advanced optical chips

Researchers have developed a hybrid plastic that can produce light at wavelengths used for fibre-optic communication, paving the way for an optical computer chip. The material, developed by a joint team of engineers and chemists, is a plastic embedded with quantum dots – crystals just five billionths of a metre in size – that convert electrons into photons. The findings hold promise for directly linking high-speed computers with networks that transmit information using light – the largest capacity carrier of information available.

Quantum Dots Used to 'Draw' Circuits for Molecular Computers

By using tiny quantum dots to create trails of altered molecules, UCLA researchers are developing a method of producing nanoscale circuitry for the molecular computers of the future that will use molecular switches in place of transistors.
“This technology, although still in the unpublished, proof-of-concept stage, could eventually lead to a relatively inexpensive means of patterning interconnections between the logic gates of a molecular computer,” according to Harold G. Monbouquette, professor of chemical engineering at UCLA’s Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science, who leads the team.