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Researchers identify how humans can develop immunity to deadly Marburg virus

How humans can develop immunity to deadly Marburg virus

A collaborative team from The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, Vanderbilt University and The Scripps Research Institute have identified mechanisms involved in antibody response to the deadly Marburg […]


Long-acting HIV medicine in the works

Scientists have created a new molecule that shows promise for controlling HIV without daily antiretroviral drugs. The molecule foils a wider range of HIV strains in the laboratory than any […]


The Impact of Social Media on Body Image

A new study estimates that approximately a half million teens struggle with eating disorders or disordered eating. Anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating can cause serious physical problems and, at their […]


Quick test for Ebola

Simple paper strip can diagnose Ebola and other fevers within 10 minutes When diagnosing a case of Ebola, time is of the essence. However, existing diagnostic tests take at least […]

rsenic risk to newborns than breast milk

Arsenic risk to newborns than breast milk

In the first U.S. study of urinary arsenic in babies, Dartmouth College researchers found that formula-fed infants had higher arsenic levels than breast-fed infants, and that breast milk itself contained […]

Powerful dengue neutralizing antibody found

Powerful dengue neutralizing antibody found

A new Duke-NUS-led study has identified a super-potent antibody which requires a minute amount to neutralize the dengue virus. The study, published online on 20 February 2015, in the journal […]


New nanogel for drug delivery

Self-healing gel can be injected into the body and act as a long-term drug depot. Scientists are interested in using gels to deliver drugs because they can be molded into […]

Researchers find alternative cholesterol-lowering drug for patients who can't tolerate statins

Statins may not lower Parkinson’s risk

The use of statins may not be associated with lowering risk for Parkinson’s disease, according to a new study led by researchers at Penn State College of Medicine and National […]