An Investigator of Hepatic Fibrosis/Cirrhosis

I’m Dr. HUANG.

I was appointed as (Teaching) Assistant of Pathology in Shanghai Medical University when I graduated and obtained Bachelor of Medicine (M.D. equivalent) Degree from the University.

In 2005, I acquired Ph.D. Degree of Medical Sciences and was promoted to Lecturer of Pathology at Shanghai Medical College (the former Shanghai Medical University) in Fudan University located in Shanghai.

My main research interests were to define molecular mechanisms during the development of hepatic fibrosis/cirrhosis. I’ve got some scientific articles published in peer-reviewed journals.

I was invited to be a manuscript reviewer for World Journal of Gastroenterology in 2003 and have been a member of the Editorial Board since January 2006. Besides, I began to be a peer reviewer for Acta Pharmacologica Sinica in July 2005.

Currently, I belong to AAAS.

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