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Cannabis use can be prevented, reduced or delayed

Cannabis use can be prevented, reduced or delayed

Responding to rapidly shifting legal and cultural environments, researchers at the University of Montreal and CHU Sainte-Justine Children’s Hospital have found a way to prevent, reduce or delay cannabis use […]

You're driving yourself to burnout, literally

You’re driving yourself to burnout, literally

Commuting length, distance, and means are stress factors that can lead to burnout, says Annie Barreck of the University of Montreal’s School of Industrial Relations. “A correlation exists between commuting […]

April 2, 2015Questrom professor Stine Grodal. Photographed for BU Research story on light cigarettes.Photographed by Michael D. Spencer for BU Photography

The Curious Case of the Light Cigarette

In the mid-1960s, a new type of cigarette appeared in America. Manufacturers called them “lights,” and advertised that more sophisticated filters, highly porous paper, and new tobacco blends reduced the […]


All sounds made equal in melancholy

The room is loud with chatter. Glasses clink. Soft music, perhaps light jazz or strings, fills the air. Amidst all of these background sounds, it can be difficult to understand […]