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Laser from a plane discovers Roman goldmines in Spain

Laser from a plane discovers goldmines in Spain

Las Médulas in León is considered to be the largest opencast goldmine of the Roman Empire, but the search for this metal extended many kilometres further south-east to the Erica […]


As elephants go, so go the trees

Research shows hunting can have catastrophic effects on tropical forests Overhunting has been disastrous for elephants, but their forest habitats have also been caught in the crossfire. A first-of-its-kind study […]


Adjusting Earth’s thermostat, with caution

Harvard scientists say aspects of solar geoengineering can—and should—be tested without need for full-scale deployment A vast majority of scientists believe that the Earth is warming at an unprecedented rate […]

China's old-growth forests vanishing

China’s old-growth forests vanishing

China’s anti-logging, conservation and ecotourism policies are accelerating the loss of old-growth forests in one of the world’s most ecologically fragile places, according to studies led by a Dartmouth College […]


Chlorine Makes a Comeback

Circulation slowdown allows ozone-destroying chemical to rebuild in Northern Hemisphere Concentrations of hydrogen chloride (HCl), the main reservoir of chlorine in the stratosphere, have increased by several percent over much […]


New way to predict how traffic will flow

Model provides a more accurate tool for city planning, emergency evacuations, tracking disease spread. A reliable way of predicting the flow of traffic could be a great convenience for commuters, […]