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Researchers Recipe: Cook Farm Waste into Energy

It takes some cooking, but turning farm waste into biofuels is now possible and makes economic sense, according to preliminary research from the University of Guelph. Guelph researchers are studying […]


U.S., Brits update World Magnetic Model

NOAA officials announced today the World Magnetic Model (WMM), a representation of Earth’s large-scale magnetic field and an indispensable complement to GPS devices used by NATO, the United States and […]


What really killed the dinosaurs?

Before an asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs, Earth experienced a short burst of intense volcanism. Sixty-six million years ago, an asteroid more than five miles wide smashed into the Earth […]

net zero energy home

Energy efficient homes linked to asthma

The drive for energy efficient homes could increase asthma risks, according to new research. Led by a team at the University of Exeter Medical School, the research has found that […]

Climate change projected to drive species northward

Climate change projected to drive species northward

Anticipated changes in climate will push West Coast marine species from sharks to salmon northward an average of 30 kilometers per decade, shaking up fish communities and shifting fishing grounds, […]