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Harvesting energy from electromagnetic waves

Harvesting energy from electromagnetic waves

For our modern, technologically-advanced society, in which technology has become the solution to a myriad of challenges, energy is critical not only for growth but also, more importantly, survival. The […]


Moving levees can increase groundwater supply

Strange as it sounds, flood control can be part of the solution to managing California’s droughts. University of California scientists have shown that making more room for floodwaters can improve […]


Honeybee die-off less severe this year

The honeybee population appears to have survived the winter in better shape than a year ago, but still faces several significant threats, aPurdue University honeybee specialist said. After the brutally […]

NOAA Ocean Explorer: NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer: Gulf of Mexico

NOAA to explore depths of Caribbean Sea

Beginning April 9, scientists aboard NOAA ShipOkeanos Explorer will begin a series of 20 dives to investigate previously unseen depths of the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean – and the […]