Life Science Search Engine

Customized Life science search engine ( http://www.brij.in ) is a DMOZ listed very popular search engine, which is an effective tool for life science researchers. Life science search engine further categorizes the search results based on context as well as content. Some of the most sought after categories of life science can be directly filtered from the results. If a search is made in the context of clinical trial, the context based label filters out the results on clinical trials and clinical research.. Similarly if a scientist looking for any information in a specific content –say a PowerPoint file or a PDF file, will precisely get results of that format only. The customized life science search engine understands the context of all the life science jargon.

Life Science search engine is a free tool sponsored by OmegaSearch SEO ( http://www.omegasearch.biz ) for the benefit of the scientific community. Many more vertical search engines covering a niche segment will further help the internet community.

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