Heart Attack Victim Recovers After Stem Cell Treatment

His Own Stem Cells Repaired His Damaged Heart Muscle

James Eilert, a heart attack victim at the age of 34, had given up on life. The heart attack had damaged his heart muscle to such a degree that he was gasping for breath and sweating all the time. Suffering each day at work, trying to hide his anguish from his coworkers, James was depressed and had no hope. However, hope was restored when he was on the internet and found a stem cell treatment company in Thailand that treated coronary artery disease and congestive heart failure patients with stem cells collected from the patient’s blood.

He read on the website about Vescell stem cell treatment and how many heart attack victims had seen their lives turned around after receiving the Vescell therapy with the patient’s own adult stem cells. James contacted Vescell immediately and quickly submitted his medical records to the stem cell doctors.

James was accepted and wasted no time in arranging his trip to Bangkok, Thailand. In November, 2007, James had his own stem cells implanted in a painless catheterization similar to an angioplasty.

James spoke highly of the treatment he received in Bangkok. “The doctors didn’t cut corners and genuinely cared about my condition,” he said.

James had even higher praise for the results of his therapy. 10 days after the Vescell therapy, James was tested with an echocardiogram. His completely dead apex was moving again. “My dead apex was moving again, weakly, but it was definitely moving,” James exclaimed.

Now, more than 18 months past his stem cell treatment, James is living life to the fullest again. He is going on 20 mile bike rides, jogging 5 miles daily, and his doctors have lifted all restrictions stemming from his heart attack.

Please feel free to contact James via email [email protected] or phone- 248-227-3016 to hear more about his exploits.

If you’d like to know more about Vescell to address your heart disease or late-stage peripheral arterial disease , please email [email protected] or dial 1-888-410-0902

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