MIT launches digital content library for workforce learning on emerging technologies

In the age of blockchains, 3D printing, CRISPR-Cas9 — and the inevitable new technologies that are yet to emerge — today’s workforce is struggling to keep up with the latest developments. For large companies and executives, finding resources for workers to learn from that are current, reputable, and unbiased can be challenging.

To address this unmet need, MIT has assembled a team of writers, educators, and subject matter experts from both academia and industry to power the Institute’s newest online learning offering — a digital content library designed to help organizations keep their workforces apprised of the latest developments in technology and science. Known as MIT Horizon, the platform contains bite-sized articles, videos, and podcasts on emerging technologies, with early topics including additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and robotics.

“Technologies are advancing very rapidly, and we feel a responsibility at MIT to provide learning opportunities that can help today’s workforce keep up with this pace of innovation,” says Sanjay Sarma, MIT vice president for open learning. “With MIT Horizon, we aim to introduce more granular learning in a variety of formats that teams can easily consume.”

A subscription-based service, MIT Horizon presents unbiased, up-to-date, accurate educational content together with an enterprise-friendly platform, usage analytics, ongoing user engagement support, and various professional services.

Developed for both technical and non-technical learners, content delivered on MIT Horizon is conceived of and created by MIT writers, faculty, and industry experts. Some content is licensed from MIT publishers, including MIT Press and MIT Sloan Management Review.

The goal of MIT Horizon is to help teams quickly understand and apply the latest developments in technology and science to their industry.

Five customers have subscribed to MIT Horizon so far, including global technology companies HP and Amsted Industries.

“This is a groundbreaking platform specially-designed for learning on emerging technologies,” Sarma says. “We are thrilled to bring this offering to organizations in need of new learning opportunities, as it reflects our mission of expanding MIT’s educational reach to millions of working professionals.”

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