The UCF team includes:

  • Vasu, an expert in spectroscopy, propulsion combustion and optical diagnostics
  • Blair, an expert in energy efficient catalytic processing of bio-derived compounds for fuels and chemical feedstock
  • Hick, chemical safety and security coordinator for UCF Environmental Health and Safety.
  • Hans-Jürgen Kiesow, a courtesy professor in CATER at UCF. A retired Siemens vice president who over saw gas turbines design and development, and management of complex global teams.
  • Erik Fernandez, a research assistant professor in Engineering
  • Ladislav Vesely and Marcel Otto, post-doctoral scholars funded in part by UCF’s Preeminent Scholar’s program

Other collaborators are:

  • Terrence Meyer, Guillermo Paniagua form Purdue University
  • Dimitri Marvis and Jonathan Gladin from Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Greg Natsui’10 ’12 MS ’15PhD and Keith McManus from GE
  • Michael Stoia, Kevin Jui and Nickolas Applegate from Boeing
  • Swati Saxena from ANSYS
  • Joshua Schmitt ‘15MS, Tim Allison and Grant Musgrove from the Southwest Research Institute
  • Kevin Thompson from the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority.

Kapat is recognized expert in energy research.  He leads CATER, which has brought together experts who are solving some of the most complex research problems in turbomachinery for power generation, aviation, and space propulsion. Kapat has multiple degrees including a doctorate in mechanical engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and an American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Associate fellow. He joined UCF in 1997 and has published more than 350 articles, many of which are highly cited by researchers around the world.