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Study links physical activity to political participation

How is going for a jog like voting for president? As far as our brains are concerned, physical activity and political activity are two sides of the same coin. Scientists found that people who live in more active states are also more likely to vote. ...

Seminal papers on election law and election administration

New Rochelle, NY, December 21, 2010 -- A festschrift honoring Daniel H. Lowenstein, a pioneering legal scholar, Professor at UCLA School of Law, and Founding Co-Editor of Election Law Journal, who devoted his career to advancing election la...

Voting-machine-allocation method could reduce voters’ wait time by 36 percent

With a lifelong interest in politics, University of Cincinnati researcher Muer Yang spent the last two years developing a quantitative method for allocating voting machines that could significantly reduce the average wait time of voters. Dur...

Prospective voters and the new health care law

Boston, MA -- A comprehensive review of national opinion polls, including newly released data, shows that those who say they intend to vote for a Democratic congressional candidate in 2010 and those who say they intend to vote for a Republican in t...

Few white voters upset about Obama victory despite lingering racism

GAINESVILLE, Fla. --- Racism may be less of a factor in politics than other realms of life, according to a new University of Florida study, which found few white voters in Florida to be upset by the presidential candidacy of a black man, and many to...

Blame, not just poor economy, needed to impact voting

Contrary to previous research indicating that people who are enduring financial hardship are less likely to vote, a study at Rice University suggests this is not always the case. "Data from the American National Election Studies demonstrate that those facing economic adversity are more likely to vote when they blame the government for economic outcomes," said Kevin Arceneaux, a political science research assistant at Rice, whose findings were published in Political Research Quarterly.

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