Chimp empathy key to understanding human engagement

In their latest study about empathy, Yerkes National Primate Research Center researchers Matthew Campbell, PhD, and Frans de Waal, PhD, have shown chimpanzees exhibit flexibility in their empathy, just as humans do. These findings, which … Read more


Written all over your face: Humans express four basic emotions rather than six

Human beings are emotional creatures whose state of mind can usually be observed through their facial expressions. A commonly-held belief, first proposed by Dr Paul Ekman, posits there are six basic emotions which are universally … Read more

Dogs recognize familiar faces from images

There you are! Dogs recognize faces from images, prefer each other

Humans have specific brain mechanisms involved in face processing, which focuses attention to faces and recognizes the identity of faces remarkably quickly and accurately. So far the specialized skill for recognizing facial features holistically has … Read more

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