Edges of magnetic tape key to boosting data density

engineers have examined in unprecedented detail a key manufacturing step that could improve one of the worlds most popular data storage materials: magnetic tape. How a tape is cut in the factory plays a major role in how much data it can hold — and whether the $6 billion American magnetic tape industry will be able to maintain its market share in the future, according to the comprehensive study.<

Nerve-Destroying Chemicals are Model for Neurodegenerative Diseases

Tiny motor proteins delivering vital nutrients along the length of nerves are a target for two common chemicals known for their neurotoxicity, says a Medical College of Georgia researcher. Acrylamides – used in water purification, paper manufacturing, mining and recently found in potato chips, French fries, baked cereals and other carbohydrates cooked at high temperatures – and hexanes — an organic solvent used in glues, paints and shoe manufacturing – can shut down these motor proteins, says Dr. Dale W. Sickles, MCG neurotoxicologist.