NSF To Help Modern Organizations Adapt and Respond In The Information Age

The most critical networks in any organization are not necessarily those carrying Internet traffic, but the social networks among persons and groups that define an organization’s process and knowledge flow. Kathleen Carley’s goal is to estimate the size, shape and weaknesses of those social networks to help managers predict how an organization is likely to respond to anticipated and unanticipated changes. Ray Levitt wants to design, from the ground up, organizations without any weaknesses at all.

White noise delays auditory organization in brain

Exposure to continuous white noise sabotages the development of the auditory region of the brain, which may ultimately impair hearing and language acquisition, according to researchers from the University of California, San Francisco. According to the scientists, the young rats used in their study were exposed to constant white noise that is relevant to the increasing, random noise encountered by humans in today’s environment. They theorize that their findings could aid in explaining the increase in language-impairment developmental disorders over the last few decades.