Evident Technologies Granted US Patent for Optical Switch based on Quantum Dots

Evident Technologies, Inc. announced today that it has been issued United States Patent Number 6,571,028 for an all optical switch or optical transistor. The optical transistor is based upon a saturable absorber or switch using the company?s EviDots semiconductor nanocrystal quantum dot technologies. The optical switch has the potential to switch at speeds up to thousands of times faster than current generation optical switching.

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Engineers create world's first transparent transistor

Engineers at Oregon State University have created the world?s first transparent transistor, a see-through electronics component that could open the door to many new products. The discovery ?is a significant development in the context of transparent electronics,? the scientists said in their publication, but pointed out it?s too early to tell what applications may evolve. ?There?s no doubt it will open the door to some interesting new products and businesses, but we?re not sure what all they might be.”