JET Achieves World Record in Fusion Energy Output

One of the world’s largest fusion machines, the Joint European Torus (JET), has made a groundbreaking achievement by successfully generating fusion energy and setting a new world record for energy output.

In its final deuterium-tritium experiments, JET consistently produced high fusion power for 5 seconds, achieving a record-breaking 69 megajoules of energy using only 0.2 milligrams of fuel.

JET, a tokamak design, uses magnetic fields to confine plasma in a doughnut shape. This breakthrough represents a significant milestone in fusion science and engineering, as it demonstrates the potential for future fusion power plants.

Dr. Fernanda Rimini, JET Senior Exploitation Manager, emphasized the advanced expertise demonstrated in creating fusion plasmas using the same fuel mixture planned for commercial fusion energy power plants.

Professor Ambrogio Fasoli, Programme Manager at EUROfusion, highlighted the importance of these accomplishments in validating operational scenarios for future fusion machines like ITER and DEMO, instilling greater confidence in the development of fusion energy.

Dr. Emmanuel Joffrin, EUROfusion Tokamak Exploitation Task Force Leader, noted the successful demonstration of techniques to protect the walls of future machines and manage plasma heat flow, crucial for maintaining stability and safety.

Over 300 scientists and engineers from EUROfusion contributed to these landmark experiments, showcasing international collaboration and dedication.

The results underscore JET’s pivotal role in advancing safe, low-carbon fusion energy and its implications for future fusion projects worldwide.

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